The newest kid on the block – online writing

A brief introduction, I promise

Writing has been around since man invented the wheel, literally. Writing styles morphed over the years, tweaking itself to fit the social norms. We have gone from the romantic and lengthy to straightforward and simple. Online writing is the newest kid on the writing block and it is most definitely different.

So, how do I become an efficient online writer? 

There’s so much you can write about, but only about 28% of your words will be read by your audience. So, what can you do to draw them in and keep ’em reading? Compiling most of the advices given by these proclaimed online writing experts:

  • Use subheadings, bold up the key words to add emphasis

All we do these days is blast through news articles and take in maybe two things from the story if we’re paying enough attention. Subheadings and bold letters will attract attention and slow down that speed reader.

In Journalism, the acronym is KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. The last thing we want to do is confuse our audience. Tell the story right off the bat!

  • Integrate with your audience, allow them to converse with you

Today’s journalism is a two-way street. The audience/readers have power, just like the gatekeepers. Create ways to allow for them to converse with you and each other.

  • Use images

Our world moves much faster these days. It seems that the only way we’ll stop is if we see an intriguing image. Use your pictures, for a picture is worth a thousand words. Polls, charts and galore!

  • Write in active voice, pack in that action!

If someone brave enough told our history teachers to stop telling historical stories passively, we would probably remember more dates! Nobody wants to read a story that drags on in passive voice. It’s just not that attractive. Bring your audience to the action. Let them feel the sweat, the dodging, the tears.

Okay, what now?

There is only so much online writers can do to maintain interest, but the best thing we can do is adapt to change. Go with the flow. Do what works and keep at it. Venture for more stories, speak the truth and tell the story.


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