Just how much branding are we talking?

The motions of creating a new persona and becoming your own person can be thrilling, but also intimidating. Being able to stand out from a crowd of already impressive people is now the challenge. A brand today is what was considered a foot in the door back in the golden days. Steve Buttry explains that while it is important to create a brand and become known in the community, it is also crucial to be a good journalist. He emphasizes that only a few journalists can succeed for long on a brand, but in the end it is really your own good work that speaks for itself. Anyone can write, but can anyone be a good journalist? Creating a brand shouldn’t be simply about promoting yourself, but accentuating your skills and making connections to experts in the field.

As per the encouragement of several experts in branding, I googled myself and discovered that I already have quite a bit of content floating out there in cyberspace. Most of the links relate to my involvement with the US Deaf Women’s National Soccer Team and some lead to my social media profiles. I can easily work on improving my brand by establishing one name and highlighting my passion which is learning about people, their stories and sharing it with the rest of the world via twitter, blogs, and more.

Inspired by Soledad O’Brien, I hope to achieve some kind of respect from peers and audiences in the journalistic field I end up in. O’Brien established her brand as a serious journalist using Twitter, an official Facebook page and several blogs on the CNN website. People know who she is because of what she brings to the table – good, solid journalism. I strive to be authentic and passionate. I want anyone who comes across my identity/brand to recognize that I am passionate about people, learning about their stories and sharing them with the world. We all have a story to tell, it is a matter of who will listen.


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