Empowering People: The Kony 2012 Experiment

While looking through multiplaform journalism projects, I recognized a common bond shared between these stories: people. Granted, any story involves people, their actions and impacts on all sorts of events. However, with these examples of multiplatform journalistic projects, the people of the story were in some kind of danger. The similarities and patterns of these stories coincide with investigative reporting, the kind of journalism that exposes any type of injustice or dangerous threat to the people. It is through these stories, readers are able to gain knowledge and empower themselves to take action against the threat. The Kony 2012 project rang a similar tone. Although criticized for its vague intentions, the Kony 2012 project reached out to millions of people and created a movement. Kony 2012 is a project sponsored by Invisible Children, an organization that strives to protect children located mostly in Africa who are victims of kidnapping and becoming child soldiers for the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Kony is pinpointed as the man who is responsible for the terror bestowed upon these children and people. Invisible Children launched the Kony 2012 experiment to create awareness and support for the movement to fight against the tragic recruitment. Despite the massive distance between the USA and the African continent, Invisible Children has worked hard to bring this story to our attention. Now it is up to us on how we react and take action.

Through their website, we have access to information about Kony, the LRA, the cause of this movement. The tabs allow us to learn about the efforts, the stories of victims, and the call for anyone’s involvement. The articles, videos, and blogs compel for us to react and support. These stories are armed with information that can bring people together, fuel the passion and possibly create an end to the terrorism.

Click here to find out more about the Kony 2012 experiment. Although the experiment is over, the fight for protection, justice and peace continues. Invisible Children vows to keep pushing until a permanent end to the LRA is achieved.


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